drank e1282247776774 State Toughens Up Against Drunk DriversThe state is getting tougher with drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking. As part of the state’s new “Over The Limit, Under Arrest” campaign, state, county and local police want everyone to understand that if you drive drunk — you go to jail.

Captain Tony Wickersham of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department says your car will also be impounded and you’ll be hit with fines and community service. 

“Point-one-seven or more, the court will order interlock ignition on that vehicle. Which means, anytime a driver gets into that car, they’re going to have to blow into a machine, and they’re going to have to make sure they’re sober to drive.

Captain Wickersham says these tougher laws apply even if it’s your first drunk driving offense.

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  1. jc says:

    Tony needs to read the law again, please!

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