I was fortunate to attend Michigan’s scrimmage at Michigan Stadium this afternoon. It was not an open scrimmage. Only suite holders and premium season ticket holders were allowed to attend. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go with him,so I did.

Here are my impressions. The offense looked very good.All three quarterbacks were efficient. Devin Gardner showed tremendous poise.He was on target and only made one horrific freshman mistake,where he throw a pick six in an obvious throw the ball away situation Dennard Robinson was much better than he showed last season passing the ball and did dazzle with a long TD run off a broken play.while Tate Forcier was pretty much the same as he was last season. Flashes of both brilliance and incompetence.

The receivers caught most everything that was thrown their way.Kelvin Grady looked like a different player. The running backs were pretty good.Michale Shaw was sharp, but I really liked freshman Stephen Hopkins. He is a big fellah. Michael Cox was average in my opinion. The offensive line looked decent. The problem is trying to figure out if the offense was that good or the defense that bad.

As expected the secondary was poor. The middle of the field was wide open. Freshman James Furman looked to be pretty good in the hybrid position. Nobody else stood out at all and once again they did not do a good job of wrapping up.

Kicking and punting is going to drive Michigan fans crazy all season.

So there you have an unscientific look at the scrimmage. Nothing totally unexpected. The offense should score tons if they don’t turn the ball over, but the defense and special teams will be an adventure.

Oh yes, the suites and pricey seats are very nice. The elevators worked and you can actually get carved roast beef and turkey sandwiches.

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  1. Dave Visser says:

    Thanks Stoney for the quick recap. I am an “M” fan and have been my whole life. Rich Rod’s down fall will be his lack of “D” and that is why he will be run out of town. His “O” will always be spectacular to watch but in the Big Ten we all know that defence wins. Going on a limb saying 7-5…………..dv

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