I was asked to comment on the upcoming farce known as “Spartans in the D” and frankly nothing positive comes to mind.

It is a flawed idea, in a flawed city, with flawed marketing. Simple enough?

The very idea that Spartan fans are going to travel to Detroit to see a non BCS opponent and pay ridiculous ticket prices will go down as one of the silliest concepts I’ve ever encountered. Worse yet, MSU doesn’t control the ability to help fix this disaster. On the contrary, this is all FAU. The good old Owls are trying to make an entire years revenue of this one spectacle. Why? How? Because their stadium wasn’t done being built. Perfect. Here is the issue…why did MSU accept the deal? Simple answer? Because they are MSU. I love them but God they just aren’t very bright sometimes. Allowing a small time school to control ticket sales for a mutant “home game” 2,000-miles away had disaster written all over it. Secondly, why did MSU even agree to pursue the series away from Spartan Stadium in the first place? I know, I know…they couldn’t find an opponent right? Or by backing out of this charade they would be stuck scheduling a 1-AA school. Yawn.

In the end it is all bad. MSU will look like fools with no fan base because we as Spartans are essentially boycotting this event. We aren’t running to spend more money on tickets against bad opponents…and now in Detroit. Nobody will remember this was FAU’s debacle from inception to execution, it will all fall on MSU. Not right but real. Bad idea that gets worse by the day.

It just highlights the joke that college football is becoming. You bring Oklahoma to Ford field and the game is sold out in 10 minutes. But we all know that won’t happen. Now most schools like MSU are simply content to schedule as many cupcakes as possible regardless of location. See the brilliance of MSU vs. MAC decade deal…fans be damned.

I would be far more accepting of failures if MSU was scheduling like they did in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Teams like Nebraska, Miami, Florida State littered the schedule. Wins weren’t easy to come by but at least a fan felt like their money was spent on something other than a snoozer against a dog of a team.

  1. Tom says:

    Mike, you couldnt be more right. It sucks that as fans college schools always go after cupcake wins that dont benefit any of the big schools. It only makes them look bad. Id rather see my teams lose against good competition than blow out bad teams.

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