Arts Beats and Eats Parking Information

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Permits will be required for street parking in Royal Oak neighborhoods during the Arts Beats & Eats Festival, Labor Day weekend. Parking meters will also be closed.

However, thousands of parking spaces will be open for business.

Downtown Lots & Structures

Parking at all Near Downtown Lots and Structures will be $15

1. Downtown Structure #1
Located at Lafayette & 5th St
516 S. Lafayette
Royal Oak, MI 48067

2. Downtown Structure #2
Located on Lafayette, North of 4th Street
320 Lafayette Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

3. Downtown Structure #3
Center & Third St.
260 Center Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

4. OCC Structure
Washington-S. of Lincoln
739 South Washington Avenue
Royal Oak, MI‎ 48067

5. Farmer’s Market
Located at the intersection of 11 Mile & Troy St. East of Main.
316 E 11 Mile Rd
Royal Oak, MI 48067

6. Williams St
Located off of 11 Mile, East of Main

7. Fresard Lot
Main St. & University Ave. N. of 11 Mile Rd
400 North Main Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067-1813

8. Center St. Lot
Located at Center & 2nd St, West of Main Street

9. Eleven Mile Lot
11 Mile & Center, West of Main Street

10. 3rd & Williams Lot
3rd & Williams-E. of Main St.

A map to Downtown Royal Oak Parking is available at this link.

Near Downtown Lots – Parking at all Near Downtown Lots and Structures will be $15

1. Vacant/Grass Lot
Located at Main St. & 696 Service Drive

2. Royal Oak Middle School Lot
Washington & Willis
709 North Washington Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067-1735

3. South Oakland Family YMCA Lot
Located near Eleven Mile & Maxwell
1016 West 11 Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067-5201
Remote Parking with Shuttle

 Shuttle Lots – $10 (shuttle is free)

1. Royal Oak High School
Located off of Crooks, North of 13 Mile
1500 Lexington Boulevard
Royal Oak, MI 48073-2400

2. Hazel Park Raceway
Located off of Ten Mi Rd- East of Dequindre
1650 E 10 Mile Rd
Hazel Park, MI 48030-1262

BICYCLE LOCATIONS: Free Bike parking with reservation through KLM Fitness

Location, Number of Bicycles
South: Washington St. Just south of Lincoln (southbound lane):800
North: Washington Near Second Avenue (southbound lane):1000
Additional spots to be determined

Stay with WWJ for the latest festival traffic and parking information.

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