Detroit Schools Short On Teachers

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school apple2 Detroit Schools Short On TeachersDetroit Public Schools may need to hire nearly 300 additional teachers this fall. 

Detroit Federation of Teachers President Keith Johnson said there a possible teacher shortage because 1,100 teachers decided to retire at the end of the school year.

Johnson said he was informed Thursday by Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bob that all layoff notices have been rescinded.

“Even with the layoffs rescinded, we’re still going to need some teachers. We actually might be hiring, and not just in critical areas. I’m talking about Elementary, Home Room, English, Social Studies and the like,” Johnson said.

Nearly forty-percent of the district’s teachers had been sent layoff notices back in April due to the budget deficit. The reasons given were the budget deficit and reduced enrollment.

Notifications are going out this week to approximately 2,000 teachers asking them to return in the fall.

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