layayette vs american Valenti And Foster   American Coney Island vs. Lafayette Coney Island

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Which Coney Is The True Detroit Staple? 

  1. Beverly Stewart says:

    Don’t call my daughter semi heavy……

  2. Julie says:

    Matt, you’re an idiot! Joely is one of the sweetest, smartest women around. She is a teacher who always puts children first. She is involved with numerous charities and she is a supporter of local businesses. Was it necessary to voice your ridiculous and humiliating opinions about such a great caring person because you don’t think she looks like a model? Grow up, Loser!

  3. joely says:

    I am the “semi-heavyset woman” superfan for lafayette coney island. I thought your remarks about my weight and Mike’s weight, were completely inappropriate and irrevelant to the topic at hand: which is what place has the best coney dog? I couldn’t care less about what you think of me but I think your comments represent poor taste and judgement. This so called (as you put it) “cheesy” show FOOD WARS, finally showed Detroit in a positive light….something this city so desperately needs. You just showed your true colors. By putting Mike and I down and the show, you proved you are not really a “Detroiter”. Go back to whereever the hell it is you came from.

    1. matt dery says:

      To All,

      I have apologized to Joely for my remarks. I was unaware of certain things she had pointed out about the presentation of the show, I watched it, and I did say that it put Detroit in a positive light. I am sorry. Anybody that knows me knows that I am not some wanna-be shock jock. I made a mistake.

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