dtl828 13 Valenti And Foster   Should Ndamukong Suh Be Suspended?

Getty Images

Mike Says Yes…

  1. amedeo says:

    HELL NO TO A SUSPENSION!!!!!!!!!!. Finally a Lions player standing up for his team. Cheap shots from Browns on Best with his injury prone career…. go after one of my guys “I will take it out on your best player”. FINALLY a Lions team with some anger!!!!!!! Hell I am not even a Lions fan but this is great to see.

  2. bryan says:

    looks like he was trying to squeeze orange juice out of poor jake’s head..GO LIONS…about time someone plays with a much needed edge

  3. John says:

    Mike, what game are we playing here, marbles or Football? Quarterbacks know this is a rough sport. Can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Sick of these rules from the league. Don’t touch the little baby’s now!! Hell, A De line man can’t touch these pansies no more, without the refs throwing a flag. Shit we might as well play flag football. Yes, the same goes for our Quarterback. Stafford, gets no special treatment either. The NFL is turning into a Pussy league. They make all this money, so you can’t touch them?? This is a Man’s sport, not a bunch of women at here playing. Please Mike. Go join a Dart league, or are you afraid they might get hurt doing that? NO Suh shouldn’t be suspended.

  4. bruce banor says:

    I love the guy’s energy, and maybe he should be fined. But it was clearly a bad play on his behalf to do what he did to the Cleveland Q.B but I mean he is a rookie, and maybe a warning with a fine would be okay, but I don’t think he should get suspended. But that’s just my opinion.

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