conyers monica booking photo Monica Conyers: Still FightingFormer Detroit city council woman Monica Conyers is spending her final days of freedom–fighting to stay out of prison.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas reports the one-time media magnet is now maintaining a low profile as she’s due to report to prison in just over a week. However, Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo has seen Conyers.

He told Vickie, “She’s been around town. But, what can you do when you’ve got this cloud hanging over you? You can’t work … your life is on hold.”

He goes on to say, “Either you begin the sentence, or you fight it like she’s fighting. She’s always been a fighter; a scrappy person.”

Conyers pleaded guilty last year in federal court to bribery charges and was sentenced to three years and she’s attempting to withdraw that guilty plea.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Get her scrappy ass in jail.

    She will probably know quite a few people there !!

  2. Donald Bajorek says:

    You think your privileged.Your no better than any other low life scum bag crook.GO TO JAIL.

  3. J. C. says:

    What is taking soooooooooooooo long????????

  4. sundazed says:

    Just another one of the Detroit criminals in the process of the major clean-up of abused city government. Their are no other options to properly punish these corrupt officials for the consequnces that have nearly ruined the city. Monica and all the others should accept this as a gift as they were all facing much tuffer outcomes. Somewhere in the sentencing process I think all the Judges have been somewhat compassionate. Unfortunatly their is no other way to get the message out their to future office holders…”If you lie, cheat or will go to prison!” A slap on the hand has been a proven consequence that never has worked so incarceration gives them time to think and repent for their greediness. It finally seems the system is working in our Detroit cases. Thank God!!

  5. Blke01 says:

    Come on People, give Monica a Break!

    If we as ordinary citizens, knew the Legal loopholes like Coleman, Monica and Kwame and WE were provided with the BEST, Citizen reimbursed Legal Representation,
    We too would do all WE could to stay out of jail.
    But alas, ordinary “MIDDLE CLASS” Citizens would only have “ONE” Public Defender; one scheduled Court Date, (which normally would not be postponed).
    And one chance to prove our innocence or compliance.
    Think about it though, Monica not being in Prison has been incurring her own personal and daily stresses.
    I am sure she is not dancing in the streets or around her house, but in reality “worrying herself in regards to her final demise”.
    She might not physically be in Prison now, but emotionally what is this doing to her?
    The longer Monica procrastinates, is only more time for her to loose sleep and worry about the inevitable.
    Weather she is sentenced to a few months or the complete three years, part of Monica’s’ sentence would have been completed
    If Monica had reported as ordered, began her Payment to Society, Monica’s emotional Stress would have been reduced immediately.
    I Personally Know that WAITING and AVOIDING is worse, than the final determination.
    Whatever the duration of incarceration, the period of “fighting” normally would have a bigger emotional affect on Monica.
    Next week, if detained, will be the emotional relief Monica will begin.
    Keep fighting Monica, Hope your sleepless nights are plentiful.
    You admitted to taking a meager amount, an amount that cost Detroit Millions.

  6. Tinkerbell says:

    Hello, her husband the congressman should be hauled off to jail with her… Why doesn’t ANYONE in the media question his involvement. I know what my husband does with our money and where it comes from–SO DOES HE.

  7. DavidS says:

    Send her husband John too, like he didn’t know what was going on??? Hopefully it will make Drudge to help put another nail in the Dem’s coffin.

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