Residents Oppose 'Junk Yard' In Browstown

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A used auto supply store planned to move near a residential area of Brownstown Township is stirring up controversy.

Resident Danny Terlecki says hundreds of his neighbors are upset that Parts Galore would think about moving next to his subdivision.  He said he’s worried that if the car improvement store looks like a junk yard — and that it will decrease his home’s value.

“Just the word ‘junk-yard,’ there goes our property value — down. It’s went down far enough,” Terlecki said.

“The main thing is the health for the kids and that, too. Because, when we went to the other junkyard you can smell fumes in the air, gas, oil. And we’ve got a prevailing southwest wind, so it’s going to blow our way,” he said.

 Terlecki said the proposed location is in the “nicest area” of Brownstown, right in the center of the downtown development area.

WWJ has placed calls to Parts Galore — but they have yet to be returned. 

Township Council has the approval of the auto store location on the agenda, and is expected to make a decision Tuesday evening.

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