students young class e1283885669282 Teacher Shortage At Detroit Schools


Some classes were without teachers when school began Tuesday in Detroit.  

Federation of Teachers President Keith Johnson said Detroit Public Schools were short as many as eight teachers as students returned to class, while others were fully staffed.

He said the union and administration are working on a solution.

“We have some schools that have classrooms being covered by substitutes, because no certified teacher has been assigned yet. And, we still have the concern about actually being short the number of teachers that we need,” he said.

Hundreds of DPS teachers were laid off at the end of last year, with the district sighting declining enrollment and budget constraints.

Nearly 1,100 teachers decided to retire at the end of the school year, allowing the district to rescind hundreds of those layoff notices.

Johnson is blaming this back t0 school shortage in part, at least, decision’s made by the DPS Emergency Financial Manager.

“I must say that if Mr. [Robert] Bobb had taken the recommendation of the DFT, that was made back on June 29th, to recall those teachers that you knew were going to have to recall anyway, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Johnson said.

Bobb said the district is working on the problem.

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  1. john oleson says:

    So as we understand it, between the principals and the unions, they were unable to provide the right amount of teachers.

    In other words, if a school had 100 classrooms, they were unable to ensure there were the appropriate number of students and at least the correct number of teachers (plus some backup on the first day) to start the school day.

    What the heck is going on? If this were a real business, the person in charge would be reprimanded or fired.

    Did Mr. Johnson let Mr. Bobb know earlier in the week that there might be a shortage?

    Am I missing the issue :-)

    1. PRA says:

      Yet I know certified teachers and special needs consultants who have applied to work in the district and have not heard any response from the human resource office.

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