Mayor Dave Bing addresses the media on an issue that will concern many residents in the Detroit area. For more information, check out for the complete story.

  1. Caroline Willow says:

    Mayor Bing, As I watched the 10 pm news last night I was so concerned about the report about the EMS response time that I had to let you know. My husband & I grew up in Detroit, we’re now in our 70’s and remember a safer & quieter time. We do still come to Detroit, from our home in Sterling Heights, but are concerned about our safety while in the city, because if there was an accident, & we needed mecical assistance there might not be any avalible. While I’m here I would also like to say we would really like to live in the city we grew up in but hesitate because of the high crime rate & lack of city services. We no longer visit the city after dark, isn’t that a shame? Most of our neighbors and friends are afraid to come to the beautiful River Walk, the museums or Belle Isle. Hopefully you can make changes so we can all enjoy our city. Sincerelly, the Willows

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