detroit fires 090810 0042 Demolition For Detroit Homes Hit By FireDemolition crews are tearing down the first batch of about 20 houses gutted by fires that raged earlier this week across parts of Detroit.

A half-dozen homes were demolished Friday, some on Robinwood and Moenart streets.

At least 85 structures, including houses and garages, were destroyed or scorched Tuesday by flames fed by high winds and hot temperatures. No injuries were reported.

Detroit Buildings & Safety Engineering Director Karla Henderson says federal stimulus money already earmarked for Detroit will pay for the demolitions.

There are about 33,000 vacant houses in Detroit. The city is tearing down 3,000 this year and the same number in 2011.

The Mayor’s office established a telephone line (313) 224-3740 for displaced families to receive support and assistance from local agencies. Eighteen families impacted by the fire have called with seven families requesting assistance.

Participating agencies include: United Way, American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Two other large entities are also providing assistance, but asked to remain anonymous. Donations also are being accepted.

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  1. mike says:

    Such a devastating situation, although quite upset how Mr. Bing stated in yesterday’s paper that ” having 8 fire companies
    down because of budget cuts had no impact on the fires. Of course it did, having 8 more companies fighting fires could of saved more property. He should of said something like ” having those additional 8 fire companies would have been much needed to help put out those fires to save peoples homes and personal property, but because of budget cuts we had to unfortunatly cut back”. Now go ahead Mr. Bing and back track and correct your statement. It won’t work with me, we all no how you really feel. You certainly have my vote for mayor of the year…………….NOT! Thanks for listening WWJ. p.s. no I don’t work for D.F.D

  2. joe says:

    So it will take ten years to knock down the remaining buildings? Why not do them all today with all those dopebama dollars>

  3. Jesus Detroit says:

    I’m just going to say this once: This was all planned out and is part of Mayor Bing’s plans to shrink the city. When has Detroit ever been so ready to demolish anything? This was planned.

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