money Happiness, Losing Weight, Magic MushroomsCan money buy you happiness?Sometimes.

A new report the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says people’s emotional well-being increases along with their income, up to about $75,000.

An economist at Princeton University says below $75,000, “Stuff is so in your face it’s hard to be happy. It interferes with your enjoyment.”


 feet on scale Happiness, Losing Weight, Magic MushroomsLosing weight is good right?

A new study out of South Korea says not always.

The study says our fat actually does us a favor by storing industrial pollutants.

These pollutants can be linked to illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis. and periodontal disease.

The scientists say when you lose weight, these chemicals can be released into the bloodstream and are able to reach vital organs.

Details in the Journal of Obesity.


 john lennon Happiness, Losing Weight, Magic MushroomsThey are planning a global birthday party for John Lennon October 9th.

John Lennon would have been 70 years old this year.

A website, is being launched right now listing events from concerts to film festivals to books and conventions.

Beatles expert, David Haber says when it comes to the Beatles, John Lennon was the soul of the group, and fans want to continue that human connection


Come January, Chicago will have a skating rink with an unusual view.

Officials at the John Hancock building say they’re going to install a rinkon the 94th floor.


But it won’t actually be ice — officials say they’ll use a synthetic material that creates a hard, plastic floor with a silicone glaze.


pufca2m5nkncapbjwklca77ppg2ca0pcur8caide9laca714xzycafrvjy2cawj04bfcajfzes1caa0l22pca1vmw4ucaku8bvwca7jk6xeca129twvca7lcw4aca30j36ucapix37gcaoykpw0ca7vgucl2 Happiness, Losing Weight, Magic MushroomsOscars, anyone?

Now’s the time to start thinking about next year’s Academy Awards, if you want a seat in the bleachers overlooking the red carpet. Starting Monday, you can put your name in for a random drawing. Last day to apply is Sunday, September 19. If your name is selected for one of the 700 seats, you’ll be notified later this month. That’s part one. Part two is to submit additional information to make sure you’re not a security risk. You’ll know by early January if you’ve been approved. The Oscars are Sunday, February 27 at the Kodak Theatre. The application is online only at


magic mushrooms Happiness, Losing Weight, Magic MushroomsIf someone has late-stage cancer, and suffers from depression and anxiety, could magic mushrooms help?

According to new research…they DO help.

Scientists say cancer patients given a moderate dose of magic mushrooms (a hallucinogen with effects similar to LSD) were measurably less depressed, and anxious. six months after a single dose.

There were no bad trips, no negative effects.

Currently Federal law prohibits the use of the magic mushroom compound for any purpose.

Details in the Archives of General Psychiatry.



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