Sonny Eliot's Final Broadcast (Video)

WWJ-AM’s legendary weathercaster and Hall of Fame broadcaster Sonny Eliot has announced his retirement from broadcasting. Eliot, who has been making Detroiters smile about the weather for years, debuted on CBS RADIO’s all news radio station WWJ Newsradio 950 in 1950. His final broadcast aired on WWJ Friday, Sept. 10 at 4:20 p.m.

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    […] WWJ will pay tribute to Eliot this Friday, Sept. 10 with special audio clips from his weathercasts and famous one liners throughout the day. Sonny’s last weathercast aired Friday afternoon. CLICK here to see the video. […]

  • Mary P.

    Sonny, you were the best, I will forever remember you, and I already miss you! :-(

  • John S.

    Sonny, thank you for the countless (literally!) laughs you gave me over the years. Your unique approach to delivering a weather forecast was always something that inspired and entertained me. I’ll be forever grateful for the humor you filled the Detroit air waves with. Too bad I was only here for 40 of those 63 years! I wish I had taken the opportunity to see you in person. Enjoy your retirement–you have most certainly earned it! Best Wishes!

  • DW

    I hope you have a happy retirement. You are the man,the myth and the legend, put them alltogether and you get..manmythlegend.

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  • mike h

    enjoy yourselve. we miss you already, go wings!

  • Kelly

    We’ll all miss our daily dose of Sonny…

  • O

    Sonny ,you are the greatest and best weatherman ever and I will miss you dearly.Today it was Cloudy and dull a combination of Clull kind of weather in our state


    Sonny, I wish you a long,healthy and happy retirement. I will miss listening to you, I’ve always enjoyed listening to you.. It’s been good having met you…I’m Katie Lim’s daughter and Victor Lim’s step-daughter and wanted you to know it was a pleasure having met you and appreciated hearing from you when they passed. Thank you for your service to this country and to our community. Joyce (Lim) Chin

  • Kathy K.

    Sonny, thanks SO much for the many laughs you gave me on my way home. Through storms and sun, in the harshest winters, you kept me smiling through a lot! Love and hugs, and god speed to you! Enjoy your life and keep smiling!:)

  • ken banks

    I will always remember Enga ding a ringa dinga dine and your weather forecasts.

  • doug

    Best of luck, Mr. Eliot, and thank You!

  • Herbert Joe

    I moved from Arizona 2002.and didn’t know what radio to listen to.
    then I found WWJ, especially the sayings from the weatherman.
    And Sonny Eliot and WWJ stuck with me.To this day my shop, truck, and home are all tuned to WWJ, no kidding.
    It was so good hearing you, your humor, laughter. I too will miss
    you. I loved this quote, ” This is a good day to teach nervous
    people how to eat jello”.

  • Jeff H.

    Thank you Sonny for the weathercast over these years. I remember watching you as a kid on WWJ-TV back in the late 60s and 70s. You always bring the weather bright and sometimes bad as well. We all will miss u very very much. Enjoy your retirement and May The Good Lord Bless U.

  • Paul Lakatos

    As a 60 year old man … for every day I can remember from my earliest chilldhood memories there has always been Sonny Eliot. Your presence has always been like a rock you know will be there no matter what the times we were in. God Bless you Sonny and know that your regular presence during the day will be missed. Come back once and awhile after some time to rest and say hello to us all. OK? Deal?

  • Randy Bhirdo WWJ -TV

    Best of luck to you Sonny, you have been an inspiration to me in my broadcast career.

  • Sheila

    Hi Sonny Eliot, please come back to WWJ Newsradio 950 i already miss u! :(

  • Mal

    How do you day good-bye to a legend? I’m +50, Sonny, you’ve been around my entire life. Thanks and best wishes.

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