islamic center of east lansing Burned Quran Found In E. Lansing MosqueA burned copy of the Quran was found at a Michigan mosque on 9/11, and now a local group is calling on the FBI to launch a hate crime investigation.

Dawud Walid with the Michigan Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the burned Quran was found at the front entrance of the Islamic Center of East Lansing, and someone threw pages from the book in the streets surrounding the center.

Walid says additionally, some pages from Quran appeared to be smeared with feces.

And he says, there were other hate crimes reported across the nation.

“There were Quran burnings in Tennessee yesterday, and there were desecrations of the Quran in New York and in Washington D.C. outside of the White House,” said Walid.

Walid says Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who had planned the “Burn a Quran Day,” incited a lot of hate.

“Despite his pulling back from burning the Quran, he incited and gave a lot of bigots ideas in terms of desecrating the Quran,” said Walid.

Walid says many people believe that burning the Quran is protected under the 1st Amendment, but “we believe just as it is illegal to burn a cross on a black person’s yard on private property, or to burn a cross at a black church, because it’s a clear act of intimidation,” said Walid.

“Similarly burning the Quran at a mosque is also an act of intimidation that should fall under prosecution under federal hate crimes act.”

Walid says they are asking mosques to step up security in case of another possible hate crime. But he says, he hopes this was an isolated incident.

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  1. J Smith says:

    Pure bigotry. These faceless cowards would probably be more comfortable in North Korea or China.

  2. Marty says:

    Why do we NEVER hear such outcries when the Bible is burned or Christian missionaries are murdered? Is it because Christians are NOT known to act out or cry out, “Death to whoever,” when these incidents occur? I also believe that much of this anger stems from the lack of speaking out against the Islamic terrorists by moderate, normal, muslims. Had the Muslim community been much more vocal and forceful against the Islamic terrorists from day one, Americans would have been able to clearly draw a line between the extremists and the religion, and realize that the two are NOT the same. I also believe that the insistance to build a mosque near ground zero has added much fuel to the fire that has already been simmering inside of some Americans who are sick to death of hearing, “Death to America,” from people in the Islamic countries who are so easliy swayed by terrorist groups because of their lack of education and information about what is REALLY going on in America. After all, do these people realize how many thousands of mosques already exist in America? Or are the terrorist groups filtering the information the people in places like Afghanistan receive, which allows them to portray America as a place that is and always has been anti-Islam? This of course, is NOT the truth!! Where is the understanding of the Islam world right now when the families of 9-11 are hurting and building of this mosque in that SPECIFIC area will bring even more pain? They are free to build that mosque anyplace else, but they refuse. Yet these same people speak of tolerance?? America is getting mixed messages and some people that have hate in their heart are now acting on it. Their actions are deplorable, but so are the actions of insisting to build a mosque near ground zero.

    1. politically correct is lame says:

      people can burn what they damn well want to as long as they own it. the term hate crime is stupid. this should be a trespassing offense.

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