This gubernatorial election season could go without a debate between the two candidates for governor.

Lansing Mayor and Democratic candidate Virg Bernero says his opponent – Rick Snyder – is putting too many restrictions on the debates.

“We said we’d do debates from the beginning. We wanted eight debates, he started off limiting it to only three. And then he wanted to negotiate about it between us two campaigns. I’m saying let’s make it simple. I’ll answer any media debate. I’ll debate on WWJ, I’ll debate on WXYZ, I’m available. We should make ourselves available. We owe that to the public,” Bernero told WWJ.

But Bill Nowling with the Snyder camp disagrees.

“Three debates is completely customary with what previous gubernatorial campaigns have done in Michigan. And we thought that that was the appropriate level,” said Nowling.

“This has become this debate on debates that the Mayor of Lansing has wanted to engage in. And on Friday Rick said this is it. We’re either going to debate three debates or not. We’ve got a fair proposal on the table. And we’ve put that out there and said this is the proposal. Do you accept it or not? And they chose not to accept it,” said Nowling.

Bernero though says he’s ready to debate.

“In our negotiations [Snyder] was trying to throw up roadblocks. He wanted us to basically debate in a closet and put all sorts of restrictions on it. And not allow it to be broadcast and not allow it to be put on the Internet, etc. I don’t understand. The guy wants the job but he doesn’t want to go through the interview,” said Bernero.

Nowling says at this rate, he doesn’t expect to have any gubernatorial debates before election.


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