Yes we all know the lame rule and interpretation screwed the Lions.but there were a few other things that hurt almost as much.

1. Scott Linehan’s conservative play calling was absurd. Even before Stafford got hurt,I thought I was watching a game of see how unimaginative an offense can be. Hello, Mr.Linehan, you are allowed to throw the ball from deep in your own territory.  That three runs and punt from inside the five yard line was disgraceful.

2.The run blocking from the offensive line was horrific. Isn’t a coincidence that Backus and Raiola complained that Mike Martz would not run the ball enough.  I guess you do need to run the ball more than 21 times to gain 20 FRICKING yards.

3.Calvin Johnson has to learn not to drop the ball and more importantly know where the first down marker is.

4. And finally, although the defense was gutty and showed they can hit. There is something called tackling on a screen pass that is legal.

  1. Kenny says:

    Gentlemen the fellow on Fox (ex nfl ref)erred. The continuation rule only applies to within the goal lines. He muffed the call on national tv. the guys in the booth bought it. all rules change after crossing the plane which was obvious to a 2 year old.
    Please don’t be upset with coach. He wasn’t in on the fix. the same people took the 2000 election,remember.
    remember the world cup.all sports are fixed,wouldn’t you say?

    1. scott says:

      yes, fixed! You find out how bad when you start betting on games!

  2. Scott says:

    where the defense at today giving up 500 plus yards to the be Bears Best thing the Lions can do right now is this to leave Detroit.

  3. Scott says:

    My bad 472 yards on the Lions

  4. Ray says:

    Since Calvin Johnson’s catch isn’t a touchdown, doesn’t that mean that the ground CAN now cause a fumble? Wouldn’t the person with the ball need to get back in the same manner Calvin was supposed to?

    1. Ray says:

      Sorry, should have read Wouln’t the person with the ball need to get back up in the same manner Calvin was supposed to?

  5. Lee Swartz says:

    I’m hoping Lloyd Carr Linehan decides to open up the offense a little. Otherwise, all these so called weapons are worthless. Does Calvin even get on the field? Because I never really see anyone throw to him- Except, ofcourse, when we are getting a game winning touchdown taken away. You can have Backus and Raiola too!!! Whats the point in having these two here?

  6. Joe Brzegowski says:


    I am writing again to express my disgust & anger at today’s blown, FIXED, call in the final seconds of todasy’s Lions game.

    Stop buying NFL apparel and related itemms is what I say.

    This is the modern version of pro wrestling only with helmets and pads on. Fix, Fix, Fix, period.

    Shame on the commissioner for allowing such a result to stand. I’d rather watch a sleeper hold from the pro wrestling of the 1960’s.

    Stop spending your money on NFL merchandise Detroit.

    Best regards.

    Joe Brzegowski

    1. scott says:

      I dont buy it now! Never will! Fixed is correct!

  7. Bob says:

    Fair enough Stoney, but with all that being said, the Lions should have won the game. The best thing you can do on your program tomorrow is put out a phone number or website for people to vent their frustration on. Well, that and see about trading Bill and a player to be named for Wojo. That Bill guy sucks.

  8. kevin says:

    the mafia is alive and well in the NFL, there should be an investigation with who ever reversed that TD. If I was the coach of the Lions I would have took my team and walked off the field.

  9. Frito Don says:

    True the offense was lacking any imagination… Waiting until the last series to throw the ball farther then 8 yards. But it was really a shame that the game ended the way it did. Since when is a catch where the player gets two feet, his tailbone, a knee and a hand down in the endzone before the ball comes lose not a catch? If a runner breaks the plain of the goal line and then drops the ball, it’s still a TD. I’m just saying..

    It really seems like officials from every sport lately are getting together and discussing how they can screw Detroit as often as possible.

  10. ned says:

    Both teams look shaky, but where do they hire these refs? My guess is that the NFL picked up a drunk bears fan out of the parking lot, pre-gaming, they gave him a whistle and a striped shirt, and told him to do his best.

  11. Todd says:

    Calvin was robbed. Even the afternoon and late game commentators were all over it. It just figures that we would get it taken away from us. I agree with you Stoney that the play calling was awful. I was scratching my head out of the box when Jerome Felton was touching the ball on the first drive. I am very encouraged by the defense and they had a couple great stands, especailly on the goal line. Hopefully Stafford is healthy next week, because the offense really won’t move with Hill.

  12. don says:

    It seems that Jim Joyce has a cousin in the NFL.

  13. Frank says:

    yes, we all know the lions should not have been in that position (to need a td with seconds left) but for a team that has struggled for so long, rules like these are going to destroy football let alone the lions. Worst call I have ever seen in football and I’ve been watching for almost 62 years!!! If they (the officials) are going to interpret the rules like this, we should all boycot the sport until they can take back the control of the game and give the players a reason to excel!!! I did not even know a rule like this was even remotely possible!!

  14. Dave says:

    All you believers are boneheads, lions played not to lose. 20 yards rushing will not win you a game or calling run plays every down. Only one good thing that happened in that game was the D line, other than that it was a joke. 1 to 2 wins max, i still can not believe another season is over before it starts, belive in never lions fans. who cares about the call, you should worry about the way they played up to that point.

  15. beaner says:

    Fixed and a conspiracy against Detroit teams for sure and especially the Lions. Out of the numerous blown calls this one definitely is number 2 next to who wants a guy with the name of Armando Galaraga from DEEtroit in the record books? OBVIOUS conspiracy and a investigation should already be underway. The refs and officials got together and figured out that someone or all in that bunch were gonna lose a heck of a lot of money if the Bears didn’t win. Had nothing to do with THE CATCH. It was almost money in the bank and they were not going to get CHEATED OUT in the end by a great catch.

  16. Wayne says:

    If you use the call in the Super Bowl last year when Lance Moore caught the TD that was reviewed as a ref., then it was definataly a TD. Please copy and paste into your browser and let me know what you think.

  17. Brian says:

    The 2-point conversion by New Orleans in the SuperBowl last year that was challenged and AWARDED a catch was SOOO MUCH LESS OF A CATCH than what Calvin and the Lions were robbed of yesterday! NFL, BE CONSISTENT!!!!!!!!!!

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