I have been turned off by the NFL for a long time. Yesterday, I watched my last game.  Bear in mind, if I have to cover a game or if my kids want to watch, I will brave the elements; but I am officially NFL-Free. After what took place in Chicago yesterday, what is the point? The NFL has turned into an over-dramatized, over-reported, over-hyped carnival. A touchdown is not a touchdown, a fumble is not a fumble, and ticket prices are too high and the games do not matter to most fans, but, their “fantasy team” certainly matters. Snore. I am over it. The Lions won the game yesterday, but they didn’t. The Raiders knocked off the Pats in 2002, oh wait, they didn’t. Last year in the super bowl, the Saints did not get a two point conversion, but they did. I am tired. I am bored by it, and I cannot watch a sport where I do not know nor do I understand the simple rules. It is a waste of my time. At least in MLB, all the runner has to do is touch home plate. He doesn’t have to “finish the process”, just nick the dish and it is a run. See how easy that is?

  1. John says:

    Sounds like you are speaking of the NBA.

  2. Mike in AZ says:

    I hear that about the NFL. How about the Washington Dallas game where there was a roughing call made on a Washington player for tackling a runner who was not down yet. I seriously think they want to turn the game into flag football or two-hand touch

  3. ken says:

    Is this WWF football where the winner is picked in advance? Did vegas cover the point spread? Did Kwamie have that so-called nonexisting party. Nothing good happens for Detroit.

  4. Dan says:

    I agree, I’ve felt this way since around ’03. I still watch because I like live sporting events, but yesterday was like
    ” ….oh, well, think I’ll go outside…” there’s more to life, and it’s not like it used to be. Where have you gone Irv Cross ?

  5. Joe says:

    I am with you, it’s easily the worst product on the field of the major sports. They have watered down the league with parity and taken away the chance for a true dynasty or rivalry. The Patriots superbowls are all tainted and the players are obviously riddled with steroids and other PED’s yet the league would even touch the issue. So over-hyped off the field and underwhelming on the field. Gambling is the sole reason this sport is so big.

  6. Dave says:

    This is my last time buying season tix. For 25 years I have had 4 tix. Not anymore. I like Dery, am tired of the hype and the NFL involving themselves in plays where they shouldn’t be. Enough with the “interpretations” of silly rules that destroy the game.
    The No-Fun-League is exactly that. Well, that and “fantasy” football has destroyed what used to be fun.

    Game over, I will watch MLB and World Cup rugby.

  7. Kyle in Walled Lake says:

    I completely understand Dery. My angst has been more with the NFL handicapping Defenses, turning incredible defensive plays into personal fouls. I have been passionate about NFL football my whole life, but the realization that they league is ruining their own product about 5 years ago. I’m not done with it yet, but I am very close. I am enjoying college football more and more and the NFL less and less. It can’t be a coincidence that the NFL has been losing value (financially) for the first time in their history.

  8. jim vanloozen says:

    if calvin’s mitts weren’t so damn big he would not have reached
    out to break his fall, he would have kept both hands on it and
    came up with the ball, so blame it on his gene’s.

  9. D_Town96 says:

    Well, your feelings reflect mine on the NBA. The NFL is pretty bad, but you are giving baseball and its human error element too much credit. Phantom second base tagging, and “safe at first calls that shouldn’t be”.
    The rules all need to be more in sync. RBs have different rules than WRs. Also did you see them almost give the Rams the game by calling a fumble on the Cards that never happened yesterday?
    I guess its week one for the Refs as well. :-(

  10. Bob says:

    There are not many sporting events that interest me anymore. I love football, but you’re right, the NFL is ruining their product with their contradictory rules. I hate the NBA, and the NHL regular season is too boring. MLB still holds interest for me, but even that is lagging. The only sporting event that I still have passion for is college football. You blew it big time yesterday, NFL.

  11. The Freight Train says:

    How sad is that you gotta screw the lions out of a win? The lions shoulda won hands down that was a touch down. I just dont get it

  12. John says:

    I can understand the way Matt feels. I turned off the TV immediately after the ruling. So why did I end up watching the end of the Dallas-Washington game. I need an NFL patch so I can walk away from this goofy league.

  13. ROFL says:

    The ‘game’ in Chicago was the NFL’s worst orchestrated event in the leagues history. Chicago’s TV market is much larger than that of metro-Detroit, so it only makes sense that the Lion’s would lose. The call on the Calvin Johnson TD catch was a last-second ploy to insure a Chicago victory.

    1. bobstone says:

      I guess this idea would mean that Green Bay would never win a game.

  14. Rob says:

    I understand your pain (or lack of feeling). The rules be damned, just watch some super atheletes try to move or stop the ball. It can be entertaining.

  15. phil says:

    I have been sooo sick since this happened. It seems the NFL is using this as an excuse to take this game away from us. If it would of been Dallas, New England, Indy, it would of been a touchdown!!!

  16. Dave says:

    Detroit fans should boycott Monday night football. Low ratings are the only thing that gets the league office’s attention.

  17. Ben says:

    Yes the NFL has flaws but its still way better then what the NBA has turned into…..crap

  18. Don says:

    It was like watching the World Cup, what a joke.

  19. Kevin Watson says:

    I’m done with the NFL to. The T.D. that was taken from the Lions on Sunday is a joke. All Football fans should be upset about the call. Good by Football, bring on Hockey.

  20. Gary says:

    Former Yopper and Lions fan living in Chicago. Quote of the Day from Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune Writer “Talking Smack”. “Only the NFL rules people and officials embrassed themselves against the Lions more than the Bears did.”

    Creditabilty is lost here by Roger Goddell and NFL league officials. Especiially they keep painting this pig of call by the interpatation of the rule. Bob Costas said it well, “where is the common sense here”..

  21. Chantal says:

    Perhaps this was the “fix”? Since many bettors were giving 6 points for Chicago to win and just magically they won with 6 points. All this after negating the TD…makes one go hmmm? Is this what is going on now; Fixing the point spread for Vegas?

    As a female, the nfl (yes lower case) has tried to get more of us to watch but honestly they are just making their product worse.

  22. DAVE HELMUTH says:

    I don’t blame you Matt. It seems as if the entire game is in the hands of the officials and not the players. The more they tweak the rules the worse the game gets.

  23. steve says:

    It’s gotten pretty bad for Detroit. “Even when they win, they lose!”

  24. rob in the 734 says:

    Come on, Diese…it’s it really that hard and confusing? You make it sound like you’re doing your taxes, not watching football–lighten up a little, loosen your grip on the club. I mean, it’s not like its soccer where nothing makes sense, from their draconian penalty and substitution rules to their blatant dedication to ignoring replays of missed calls. The NFL is the USA baby– don’t leave it, fight for it to be better.

  25. jt says:

    I cant beleive there is no conspearicy or point fixing in the game of football anymore, and after the nfl head of officiating said his crew made the right call it just shows me its league wide

  26. Don says:

    I have started losing interest in the game as well over the years. I do not watch as many games as I use to. They are ruining the game with too many nitpicking rules! looks like politically correctness has gotten into football. If its a catch in the field of play it is a catch in the touchdown!
    Written very well Mr. Dery.
    Interested to see if any changes will be made, but not expecting it.

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