A Wayne State University obstetrician and gynecologist is conducting a clinical research study on alternative treatments — besides hysterectomy — for uterine fibroids.

Jay Berman of the Wayne State University Physician Group is the only surgeon in Michigan who performs this technique and was chosen for his expertise during laparoscopic procedures.

This clinical research study, evaluation of the Halt System in Laparoscopic Treatment of Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids with Radiofrequency Ablation, aims to preserve the uterus rather than remove it through a traditional hysterectomy. This procedure is an alternative to a myomectomy as well as a traditional hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is the second most common surgery among women in the United States.

It is estimated that as many as 70 percent of women develop uterine fibroids at some point throughout their lives. Most women do not experience symptoms and will never be aware that they have or had a fibroid. However, about one-third of women, predominantly African American, experience pain in the lower abdomen, back and pelvis, heavy bleeding during menstrual periods and severe bloating. Some fibroids can grow to be the size of a basketball in or outside the uterus.

The Halt study, sponsored by Halt Medical, will seek to enroll up to 30 local women and 150 women nationally who are premenopausal and 25 years of age or older, have a history of menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) and have completed child bearing. To date, very little information is known about what causes fibroids, and this procedure is an alternative to more invasive surgery. Eligible participants will undergo an outpatient laparoscopic procedure using an investigational device called the Halt Fibroid System. This system is designed specifically for uterine fibroids and consists of a radio frequency generator and a RF probe with deployable needle electrodes. An intra-abdominal ultrasound is then used to locate and visualize the fibroids. Participants return home the same day and are usually able to work within a week.

Screening for this study is being performed at Wayne State University Physician Group, 26400 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite 140, Southfield. For more information about the study or to participate, please contact Julie McQueeney, research coordinator, at (248) 263-3571.

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Comments (6)
  1. Tracey Lawrence says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am interested in this study, I currently work for WSUPG at 3800 Woodward and I have severe cramps & bleeding. It was advised that I get a Hystro but at my age of 39 I wanted to try a diffrent approach. Can you please supply addtional information regarding this procedure
    Tracey Lawrence

    1. Julie McQueeney says:

      I would love to discuss our study further with you. Please email me at jkmcq@med.wayne.edu or call 248-263-3571 at your convenience.

  2. Mavis Laws says:

    This procedure sounds very beneficial compared to the surgery and I will for sure be requesting additional information about this !

    1. Julie McQueeney says:

      Please contact me anytime! My office phone is 248-263-3571 or you can also reach me via email at jkmcq@med.wayne.edu.
      Julie McQueeney

  3. my women's health blog says:

    Thank you for sharing this. We’re always looking for valuable resources to share with clients and my coworkers, and this post is absolutely worth sharing!

  4. miya says:

    Hello! I’m a 26 uninsured student. I believe i am suffering from fibroids but i have never been diagnosed. i have all the symptoms but can’t afford testing. i am very interested in this study or any study conducted in the future. i would love to get married and have children but i am deathly afraid that i will not be able to conceive. Please help…

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