Valenti And Foster – Should Female Reporters Be Allowed In The Locker Room?

ines sainz 21 Valenti And Foster   Should Female Reporters Be Allowed In The Locker Room?

Did this female reporter know what she was getting herself into?

  • Kent

    Women reporters should be allowed in a man’s locker room when a man can enter a woman’s locker room. The women would never allow it and the same should hold true for the men’s locker room.

    • BOB T


  • bill

    C’mon! This woman has pics all over the place like the ones you have posted, and somehow she’s supposed to garner respect from a bunch of male testosterone overloaded football players? Like you said it doesn’t condone the acts, but guys (Jets PR/GM/people in charge) you gotta do a better job of protecting your organization…… Although I don’t know how you could possibly down-sex here appearance. Short of a bell-diver suit!

  • Donald


  • Ken

    Kent You Made Absolutely No Sense At All

  • Chris

    I think what she hasn’t taken into account by this whole stink she is raising (don’t agree with how she was treated but this is a locker room full of guys paid to play football not to be pr) is, who is going to talk to her after this.. Every player will be worried about sexual harrasment.

  • Steven M. Hubbs

    she is a pig she luvs the attention, tell her to wait in the back of the line. Now she is crying because they CAT called her in the locker room. what does she think she is covering the boy scout convention or the woodward dream cruise

  • Kris

    It’s not right what they did, but she can’t complain that they weren’t professional when she wasn’t dressed professionally. Mini skirts and cleavage bearing halter tops are NOT how you should be dressed for that profession. It’s never been an issue with other women in that setting. It’s only an issue now.

    And Kent, you need to get your facts right. Men are allowed in the locker room to interview female athletes just like Women are allowed in the men’s. It’s just usually set up differently where the women aren’t changing at the same time.
    But as was said on the radio during the show, there are some situations (Wings hockey for example) that the reporters room and the changing room are separated.

    The problem is also that the PR and Media people for the Jets or any other sports teams or organizations should have taken her aside and told her that wasn’t right, and she shouldn’t have been allowed in to the venue looking like that.

  • KoDAK

    expectation of behavior. It’s a locker room. It’s a controlled environment. It’s not open to the public. If you want to hang with naked men you have to loosen up a bit. as far as females in the locker room if one man says i feel uncomfortable with females seeing me naked are they going to ban females? this “Tart” entering this environment and complaining about wolf whistles is absurd. Pro players are under the microscope all the time when can they get a chance to be human. it used to be “Look Don’t Touch” now we have to act like we are sitting at Mass and if we twitch Sister Mary Ball Buster is going to rack our knuckles. It’s a newer gentler world maybe we need to change Grid Iron to flag football.

  • Scott

    She can go into the locker room and look at men with there manhood hanging out but a “cat call” makes her uncomfortable. that’s like walking into a gentlemen’s club and complaining the a “Professional Dancer” is trying to sit on my lap.

  • marathon

    kris you’re not being real men being allow into a stsging area after women have dressed is not the same as women intruding on a bunch of beat up guys ( and as a former college football player @ a major university sometimes after a game your just so tired and sore you can barely walk) in their all natural state its not the same and your implication that it is makes you dishonest its not apples to apples and to say it is your just a liar

  • dennis

    It wasn’t even her that made the stink. She’s appalled not by the behavior of the players (tossing a ball her way and a few cat calls in the locker room) but by the busy-bodies in the “women’s movemen” who interferred, and did not even talk to her before they spouted off. D

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