Detroit Lions fans can’t let it go:  Calvin Johnson’s touchdown catch that was overruled by replay officials and likely cost the Detroit Lions Sunday’s game.  Detroit wound up losing 19-14, after the catch was ruled an incomplete pass. 

The call, which the NFL stood by, has fans tracking down videos of very similar catches that were ruled touchdowns.

Take this example, where Dante Rosario of the Carolina Panthers catches a pass that is ruled a touchdown in a game against Atlanta.

Do you feel that catch was a touchdown?  Comment below!

Comments (5)
  1. John says:

    Tried to view the video but it is “no longer available”at – conspiracy!

  2. Ken H says:

    I am a Lions fan. That catch by Dante Rosario is a different situation I think. I think Calvin Johnsons touchdown should stand on its own merit. I also believe if CJ was being takeled or the ball was loose before he was down there could be an argument. The fact remains CJ was down & the ball was not loose before touchinig the ground. Arams. legs, buttocks then ball all touched the playign field then the ball was let go of. I really don’t think it is good for the game of football to have such indescriminate rules that take away a very athletic play from an athlete. Hasn’t Detroit suffered enough without some ticky tack BS rule that was made for a different reason kick us in the gut again. I also believe the coach when he says one play did not lose that game for us. But come on REALLY? No touch down? grrrrrrrrr…

  3. Kirt says:

    He had control of the ball. There was a clear end of motion before the ball was released for his celebratory dance. It could not be anything BUT a touchdown. The officials got it worng and with only 30 seconds left on the clock I feel the commisioner should over turn the game and give the Lions a victory.

  4. bozo says:

    The problem with this catch is that Calvin Johnson including, i’m sure, multiple other players do not know exactly what this rule is all about. Im willing to bet my season tickets that if this rule was engrained into players head like all the other facts, this would have been ruled a catch. CJ had caught the ball, even injected his arm and the ball out further into the endzone. After this process was complete, both his feet hit the ground, hips hit the ground, he found it was time to celebrate now that they had won… only to find he wasnt done catching the ball ???!!! absolute garbage… theres a reason for rules and a reason why we bend them when we know they dont apply … get real refs … “watch the replay you know you he had that ball !!!”

  5. Cintia says:

    just a lil bit of advice, plz quick fworard the text or learn to type quicker yield i got soooooo bored wating like 3hrs just for you to type the chempediatv thing

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