Sensible Vision, the Covert-based software developer, Wednesday announced the availability of FastAccess Pro for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The software powers computer security systems based in face recognition. 

A free trial of the new software can be downloaded at

Optimized for end users and small businesses, FastAccess Pro is a suite of facial recognition and power savings software that can be used individually or in combination:

* EcoAware: a power saving application that can reduce computer energy use by 25 to 50 percent.
* FastAccess: facial recognition technology for both Windows and Web site logins.
* FastAccess Pro: a combination of both FastAccess and EcoAware applications
FastAccess Pro is based on Sensible Vision’s FastAccess Enterprise and OEM currently in use by over three million users, including many security-critical organizations such as hospitals and banks. Ideal for laptops and desktop computers, FastAccess Pro uses the computer’s built-in or external webcam to securely log into Windows and Web sites, delivering face recognition technology to home and business users that is secure, convenient and fun.

“No longer do users need to wait for the possibility of these features in Windows 8. They can obtain an affordable and proven solution now,” said Cyrus Azar, CTO of Sensible Vision. “In the past, advanced and reliable facial recognition has only been available to larger organizations with dedicated IT staff. With FastAccess Pro, we’ve created streamlined software suitable for smaller organizations and individuals.”

By continuously tracking your face, FastAccess allows you to:

* Quickly, automatically and securely enter Web site passwords
* Dramatically reduce the need for a password to login to your computer
* Easily enforce Windows parental controls
* Secure your computer and data automatically when you step away

“In addition to advanced security, we are introducing a smart green technology called EcoAware that automatically detects a user’s presence to provide dramatic power savings and extend battery life,” said Darin Beery, Sensible Vision’s director of sales and marketing. “Unlike Windows power management, EcoAware provides these savings while maintaining a bright screen and great computer performance. In many parts of the country FastAccess Pro and EcoAware allow organizations to earn a credit from their energy providers.”

Traditional power management must guess when you are using your computer. EcoAware has the intelligence to detect when you are working, pausing to watch YouTube, reading a document, or stepping away from your computer. Using facial recognition to track your activities, EcoAware allows you to:

* Save power quickly when you step away
* Reduce and track your overall energy usage
* Extend battery life

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