capt 53fd263f74bc4312925d888cd24e023a 53fd263f74bc4312925d888cd24e023a 0 e1284669177177 Midland Council Rejects Boy's Mini Pig PleaMid-Michigan authorities have decided that Roger the miniature pig can’t live with a 9-year-old boy with severe pet allergies.

 The Midland City Council unanimously denied a request to allow the animal to live at a home that Ethan White shares with his parents, Jason and Lisa. Ethan says the pig is his  “best friend in animal life.”

Ethan is allergic to animals with long hair and fur. Local ordinances do not allow residents to own pigs.

Several residents spoke in support of the family during Monday night’s meeting. Many council members acknowledged the family could properly care for the 4-pound animal, but expressed concerns about those seeking future permission.

 Lisa tells the Midland Daily News that council’s vote is  “encouraging people to skirt the law.”
Information from: Midland Daily News,
(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved)

  1. old_fuzzy says:

    How short sighted, narrow minded these political hacks are!

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