917vick Michael Vick Causes Lions Coaches To Lose Sleep

Getty Images

The prospect of devising a game plan to combat Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is causing some acute sleep loss among the Lions defensive coaches.

“You guys always write about the wildcat offense, well, he is the wildcat offense,” defensive coordinator Gunter Cunnigham said Thursday. “He’s not just a quarterback, he’s a runner. So the game changes and your preparation is different. You stay up late at night and you get up early in the morning. If you look at our coaching staff, they all look like zombies today.”

Some of the defensive players aren’t sleeping any better, what with Vick reminding them of some of their worst college nightmares.

“He brings a whole new dimension,” linebacker Zack Follett said. “For me, it’s like going back to the Oregon offense when I was at Cal, with Dennis Dixon running the spread.”

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