95471645 Valenti And Foster   Running Back Brandon Jacobs To The Lions?

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Click Below to find out if he’s a good fit for the Lions…

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  1. Andy says:


    I normally agree with things you say, and at the very least understand why you are saying it. I cannont believe, given the way you kill teams for overpaying players, that you would be onboard for the Jacobs deal. 9 million over two years is to much for a backup runningback. Considering the top flight running backs come in at about 6-7 million a year, it is way to much. That is assuming that there is going to be a salary cap once these idiots figure out the CBA. If there is no cap I would be on board with Jacobs, but in future season if there is a cap, I cannot justify 4.5 a year on a change of pace back. Not when Felton can almost do the same thing for 10% of the price.

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