texting while driving e1285103719346 Troy To Begin Ticketing For Distracted DrivingA distracted driver ordinance in the city of Troy will soon take full effect, with police issuing tickets starting October 1st.

The ordinance actually went into effect in July, but Troy Police Sgt. Bob Redmond tells WWJ that, up till now, only warnings have been issued.

“Stopping people that we see texting on a cell phone, or talking on a cell phone, or any other driving behavior that seems to be distracting — such as, you’re drinking a cup of coffee but you’re swerving all over the road as you’re doing so,” Redmond said.

An estimated 200 motorists have received warnings so far.

Redmond said he enforcement really depends on the judgement of the officer. If an officer thinks that drinking coffee, eating a sandwich, or driving with you pet is distracting you, you’ll get a ticket.

He said texting or talking on a cell phone will get you a ticket for sure.

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  1. Don says:

    Smoking and kids fighting in the back seat distract drivers as much as talking on a cell phone. Tickets on the basis of the ‘judgement’ of the officer are a very slippery slope. How does one fight this is court if the measure of guilt is the judgement of the officer?

    1. Beth says:

      The police officer is always right. I found that out in court when protesting a ticket.

  2. Greg says:

    Here is a viable solution, notice I did not say perfect solution because one does not exist since all solutions include the free will of the individual regardless if it’s against the law.
    Way cheaper than a ticket and safer than DUI.

  3. Rod says:

    YES!!! Finaly a city with brains and concern for innocent, safe drivers has stepped up. Too many self absorbed idiots on the road doing everything in the car but paying attention to their driving. Good for Troy. Come on, Michigan, make it a State wide ban!!

  4. sundazed says:

    I am somewhat amazed that this ordinance is become such rigit law in a time when our city is in funancial struggles (i.e. closing the library, laying off of city-government employees. cutting back on the troy historical park help). Sounds like the city is trying to devise new ways to make extra revenues to cover the cost of areas that are in financial troubles. Once again go after the people, in a sort of silly money grab style. I totally understand and agree with the texting, or other noticable distracted driving incidents, but come on, talking on the phone. Like the gentleman said, about the kids or animals in the car, that is much more distracting than phone conversations. I believe that being on the phone is not necessarily the problem, but possibly the conversation that is much more disruptive. Sounds like their will be other issues with this law when these drivers get to the courts to discuss this argumetive topic with the judges. Certainly leaves open a wide range of whats right or wrong in certain sensitive situations. Part of this “new ordinace” sounds somewhat petty!!

  5. Gary says:

    I protest. Following the logic of this law: The officer’s should be required to have two officers in every car so that one can answer their radio lest the driver be distracted from operating the vehicle. Even more of a hazard exists if they are in a chase.

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