0921 tm maslamani012 Testimony Continues In Macomb County Murder Trial

Ihab Maslamani (Todd McInturf/The Detroit News

A woman who had a gun pointed at her head during a bank robbery took the the witness stand, Tuesday,  in the trial of Ihab Maslamani.

Day two of the the Ihab Maslamani case will see about a dozen witnesses take the stand in Macomb County, a day after his defense attorney drops what he admitted to be a bombshell in front of the jury.

Attorney Jospeh Kosmala admitted his client robbed a bank and carjacked Matthew Landry last summer, but said he didn’t kill him. That Landry had crossed paths with Maslamani and co-defendant Robert Taylor, and they were horsing around in the parking lot of the subshop in Eastpointe where prosecutors claim Landry was kidnapped.

During the opening day of testimony Tuesday, the prosecution offered a witness, 19-year-old teller Sarah Maynard. Before Macomb County Circuit Judge Diane Druzinski, Maynard testified she didn’t hear Maslamani enter the bank, but soon became aware he was standing behind her as she prepared to cash her first paycheck.

maslamani trial0921 audience e1285105958691 Testimony Continues In Macomb County Murder Trial

Gina Harriman, right, sister to murder-victim Matt Landry, is comforted. (Todd McInturf/The Detroit News)

“I felt a gun to the back of my head… I heard him say ‘Give me $50,000 or I’m gonna kill her,” Maynard said.

Earlier Tuesday, a Flagstar Bank teller testified. 

Maslamani is on trial for the August 10th bank robbery, along with the attempted carjacking, kidnapping and murder of 21-year old Matthew Landry.

Authorities said Landry was kidnapped at gunpoint in Eastpointe and held for four days last summer in a vacant Detroit house before he was shot in the head. 

Robert Taylor, 17,  also is charged in the August 2009 abduction. Taylor’s trial is expected to start later this year. 

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  1. Thomas says:

    I guess its to late for Me to get on jury duty!

  2. ErinnOConnor says:

    It’s appalling to me that Ihab can just stand there so unemotional and smug. My heart goes out to the family and girlfriend of Mr. Landry. I watched the special report on TV this week and was shocked at how this man, Ihab, has no regard for a human being. I hope the trial doesn’t last long for the families sake.

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