A lot of thoughts can run through ones mind in that short span of time. To the best of my memory here is how Saturday night went snap to catch.

“Don’t miss. Please God don’t let him miss. Can he make this? He was pretty solid in Ford Field from distance. C’mon, not with my dad here, not like this.”


“Just get him a chance with a good snap and hold. No wind. Maybe the kid has chops. I can’t watch, I shouldn’t watch…but I have to. God work is gonna suck this week if he misses this.”

Look over at my father, no words, just eye contact. Nothing needs to be said.


“What the @#%!…a bad snap? Bad hold? A fake? I don’t see anyone open. Literally nobody. Don’t let it end like this. My dad deserves better.


“The crowd sees someone, someone has gotta be wide open. It’s loud as hell, who the hell is open? Bates sees someone and he is throwing…dear God this can’t be good.


“Holy $@#% it’s Gantt. Alone. God catch this. Oh my god he has it. He really has it. Is this happening? %@!$ I’m getting tackled by Paulie and my dad. Man my jaw hurts.

Surreal. Shock. Ecstasy. Haze for 4 or 5 seconds then emotion. Lots of it. A moment I will never forget and never fully be able to recreate. Tears. Cry from happiness, from my fathers reaction and from being able to share this with my dad. To hug and scream and simply not believe this moment is even happening. For all the horrific losses my dad flew here to see. ND 2006. Little brother 2007. All the days apart making this game, this moment, seem worth it. . For my friend Paulie who lost his grandmother earlier in the week and his car totaled by a drunk driver a day later. For Mel and her “induction” on why we truly love this game and this team despite the losing. For putting up with me and my obsession with this school and these Saturdays. Why all those losses can be voided in magical moments like these. For sharing this with 4 people I love to death.

I still get chills even 5 days later. Won’t matter how long time goes by I don’t see that changing. My previous blog gave a small look into why I am so passionate about this subject. I’m guessing I’m just one of many who have similar reactions to this. Similar stories. Similar memories.

Just special.

  1. Taylor Phillips says:

    That’s another play that’ll go down in Spartan history.

  2. Nick says:

    Mikie you sum it up perfectly. I bleed maize n blue but appreciate your dedication to a team and school through it all even if it is the Spartans! Its not the event by itself rather who you got to share it with that makes it even more special….congrats on not only a victory on the field but a memory that will obviously last a lifetime. Im looking forward to a similar one come october 9th!

  3. Brandon says:

    I was there. I saw it was a fake, gasped, looked for anyone open, grabbed my wife’s arm and and with wide eyes pointed to Gantt just as he caught it. Simply a magical night.

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