hazard material e1285267386363 Gas Leak In DetroitEmergency crews have capped a gas line break on the city’s eastside. It happened at Erwin and Badger, near I-94 and Van Dyke Thursday afternoon.

DTE, fire officials and Mich Con crews responded to the scene.

The leak was originally classified as a  Hazmat-3 situation, but has been downgraded to a Hazmat-1.

There were no injuries reported.

Stay with WWJ Newsadio 950 for more information.

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  1. Jane says:

    What is DTE going to say this time, that it was gas theft that caused it. Since that seams to be their MO. Why won’t they just tell the truth and say that they don’t take care of the gas or electric lines. They just charge us an arm and a leg for the gas and electric but won’t give us safe service. Also how long did it take for them to get there to fix it? I know the fire and police were there waiting for them for a long time, what if a fire would have started in another part of the city and the police and fire can’t leave till DTE gets there.

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