0921 tm maslamani012 Maslamani Trial Continues In Macomb

Ihab Maslamani (Todd McInturf/The Detroit News

The trial for the man accused of kidnapping and murdering  Matt Landry, a 21- year-old Chesterfield Township man continues this afternoon, as the jury hears testimony from investigators.

Roseville Police detective Keith Waller told the jury how they discovered the weapon after chasing down Ihab Maslamani in the course of a botched carjacking at the Roseville Wal-Mart last August.  “A Smith & Wesson .40 caliber that is found by officer Lukasevich, which was tucked down right in-between the palette and the very edge of that plastic shelving unit in that area.” Stated Waller, who added, “I was present when it was found.”

In an apparent setback to the prosecution, assistant prosecutor, Bill Cataldo explained that a search warrant had been made to the house where Maslamani’s girlfriend, Tiara Shaver, resides. Police found clothing and a note that contained lyrics supposedly written by the suspect. Cataldo told the court their intent was to put Shaver on the stand, “at the address that she gave us, she no longer resides, we have been unable to find anybody who was willing to tell her location, we are unable to find her.” Cataldo stated.

Judge Diane Druzinski said the evidence found at the house would not be allowed until it could be verified that it belonged to Maslamani. The significance of the lyrics to the trial remains unclear.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey says a taped interrogation of Ihab Maslamani is being played for jurors as investigators take the stand. In the two-hour interview, Roseville Police Detective Brian MacKenzie is trying to coax Maslamani to explain the reason behind the one-man crime spree, but the suspect is uncooperative, saying at one point, “They’ll find out the truth in the end.”  Defense attorney Joe Kosmala, grilled MacKenzie on his interviewing techniques, where he alluded to helping Maslamani return to Kenya when he didn’t have such authority. But on re-direct, MacKenzie told the court it is an acceptable practice to use fictional stories when interviewing suspects.

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  1. Mike says:

    Here’s a low life who should have been shipped back to where ever he came from. What a useless skin bag. Years ago, the country of Turkey offered to house all of our useless skin bags for about one eighth the cost of our own prisons. All the bleeding hearts made such a ruckus, the idea was dropped. That was a big mistake. The deal should be revisited by congress. We could pay of the deficit with the money we would save. Ship our hardest criminals to Turkey and forget about them. If we do this our crime rate would undoubtedly plummet.

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