The producers of “Sesame Street” have decided not to give small children an early lesson in big bazooms by banning a Katy Perry clip from the show.  Katy and Elmo were supposed to duet on the New Year’s Eve episode but too many parents complained after seeing a preview on the internet.  Here is the banned video.

Motor boat Elmo… motor boat.

  1. dt2phillips says:

    That “changing clothes” part was a little too graphic for the kids; that’s why it didn’t make it. I’d rather not play it for myself, either, because I’m not into pop alone; I’m into HARD ROCK ALONE!!!!!!!

  2. James says:

    Mountain out of a mole hill.

    Perry has nice breasts but that outfit hardly was provocative.
    Breasts weren’t “lifted” and hardly was the center of attraction like they are in most of her appearances.

    As a grown man trying to look at them sexually there wasn’t much there, pretty sure a child wouldn’t think twice or focus on them at all.

  3. Taylor Phillips says:

    I’d rather she make her own cleavage on Playboy than on stupid pansy Sesame Street!

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