nun roof Local Nun Teaches From Roof

(WWJ Photo, Mike Campbell)

After seeing a nun on a roof, most people would get their eyes checked, but the kids of St. Claire of Montefalco Catholic School in Grosse Pointe Parks are used to watching the antics of their beloved principal Sister Kathy Avery.

Last year, Sister Avery bet the pre-K through 8th grade students of her school that she would teach from the roof if they read a lot of books over the summer.

There is certainly a method to her madness, as the students held up their end of the deal by reading three-times what they set as summer reading goals.

Secretary Vickie Bulia called her boss “a crazy lady,” and described some of her other stunts to promote reading.

“The first year she did her hair like a rainbow color, and stood on her head. Last year she painted her hair pink and rode on a motorcycle,” Bulia recounted.

With the kids in hysterics, Sister Avery rode to the top of the school in a fire top bucket. 

The excited students were eager to divulge their contributions to WWJ’s Mike Campbell, one especially proud girl reported reading “2000 and something pages.”

While Sister Avery is certainly an unconventional principal, no one can deny the enthusiasm for learning she has generated in her students.

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  1. Terri Fleming says:

    Wait ago Sister Kathy! You are the best!

  2. Mary Wolking says:

    Enthusiasm for Education. It really works.

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