The State House could soon vote on a measure providing tax credits to encourage businesses in Michigan to set up electric car charging stations. The legislation would tap into an existing Michigan Tax credit given to gas stations that install E-85 or Biodiesel pumps.

Some, like Les Alexander of 1-2-3 Systems, a – company dealing in battery power, believe the measure is necessary to help the sale of electric vehicles.

“Most people think of the cost of these vehicles, the range, the reliability, and the safety of them, but if the only their homes is place they are allowed to recharge – it will drive their buying decisions,” Alexander explained. “If it drives their buying decisions in a different direction, these potential vehicles will not take the foothold we want in our state and in our country.”

With some worried about investing in the future of electric vehicles, Michigan’s congress members must evaluate the costs and benefits of the incentive program.

Ed Clemente (D – Lincoln Park) says he plans to support, through tax credits, businesses that have electric car charging stations. Although he cannot know everything that is going to happen in the future, Clemente believes in the investment.

“From all the research we’ve done in my subcommittee … I don’t think we have many options to not try this – it’s a very nominal risk,” he said.

Clemente, and others who support the incentive program, believe that the measure could make or break the future of electric vehicles in Michigan.

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