103654210 Valenti And Foster   Mike Will Lose It If Sam Bradford and The Rams Beat The Lions!!

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Mike warns Terry how mad he will be if the Lions lose to the Rams in 2 weeks. Click Below to listen.

  1. dt2phillips says:

    Everyone will!

  2. robert says:

    i think stanton, needs to start
    hill is a terrible qb

  3. robert says:

    valenti, i live here in houston texas, and i have always been a die hard detroit fan and what say is true, something has to change to turn this team around

  4. joe from macomb says:

    I got the Rams to win this game Lions 0-5 Coach Pathic will say I know teams that still made the playoffs going 0-5. Lions are doomed another 0-16 season yikes 2 in 3 years that’s unheeardof in the NFL. UNDER FORD ownership Lions have changed 3 fields a bunch of gms office peoples head coaches and many players.

  5. Garren says:

    Look, I’m not drinkin anything cause its not my thing. We all know the lions still have problems. Let’s address one concerning points on the board. I have heard you all say that Jeff Backus is “average”. Thats not what I want protecting my multi-million dollar arm if I was Stafford, oh I mean Shawn Hill. Everyone knows that the lions are weak on the left side, you know our quarterback’s backside. If they don’t fix that problem, they’ll go through quarterbacks quicker than the
    D-line goes through gatorade cups. The other offensive problem is Calvin Johnson. People talk about like he’s underrated and can do so much. He seems scared to do what it takes to win period. The #1 receiver should expect to get double teamed. Look at Reggie Wayne. He seems to over come what is thrown at him. Sure he’s a pro-bowler but if Calvin is so underrated then why is not not producing? H’ere’s why, the quarterback doesn’t get enough time and the receiver doesn’t put in the heart required to help a losing team produce.
    Defensively they are hurt. The front does an excellent job and when there linebackers get healthy, that will help. In the end Delmas needs HELP!!!! Surround him with a solid vet and some young talent and make it work. Oh by the way, Ford is an idiot!

  6. Kyle in Walled Lake says:

    Mike’s Lions rant today was epic. My wife and I nearly got in a wreck we were laughing so hard.

    1. fawad says:

      i was laughing my a$$ off too lol. People driving down the street were staring at me wondering “this guy must have mental problems” lol

  7. joe from macomb says:

    Why is everyone sohigh on with Delmas I don’t get it maybe it’s this me cause I watch Pats Colts and Ravs.There corners can shut stuff down not Detroit cbs. If Delmas was drafted by those 3 teams he will still be on the practice squad or be released he never would of step on the field.

  8. Ben says:

    I listened yesterday to your afternoon blow-up about the Lions and I am 100% with you. I am so tired of the inefficient, weak effort from this team and, you are right Mike, what is there to talk about? How can they consistently be so bad, despite all the hope and potential(?) we see with new acquisitions, etc.? I am discusted. If they lose to the Rams…we can be roommates at the funny farm.

  9. fawad says:

    Please mark cuban buy the lions :( And i hope the lions lose to rams so i can hear valentis rant the next day…..those r priceless…

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