shirvell andrew Report: Assistant AG Banned From UM Campus

Andrew Shirvell (Video capture)

Some new developments Thursday in the controversy over an Assistant State Attorney General who has launched an internet  campaign attacking University of Michigan Student Body President Christopher Armstrong.

Andrew Shirvell has reportedly been banned from U of M’s Ann Arbor campus. That’s according to, which also reports that Armstrong is seeking a restraining order against the state official.

Shirvell spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“Chris Armstrong is a radical homosexual activist who got elected partly funded by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, to promote a very deeply radical agenda at the University of Michigan,” Shirvell said.

“Just because he’s homosexual, doesn’t mean he gets a free pass and we can’t criticize him. I have a right as an alum and as a private citizen to criticize him in my after-hours work,” he said.

Meantime, Attorney General candidate David Leyton is calling on his opponent to join him in demanding Attorney General Mike Cox fire his assistant for harassing and stalking an openly gay student at the University of Michigan.

Cox has said he does not plan to fire Shirvell, because he has does satisfactory work, and has a right to maintain a personal blog in his off hours.

Equality Michigan – a state wide organization that promotes the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community – says Shervill should lose his job because of his comments.

“I was happy to see Attorney General Cox call him immature, but I thought that was woefully inadequate. He did not go any further than that… it was barely a slap on the wrist,” said Equality Michigan consultant Denise Brogan-Kator.

Governor Jennifer Granholm tweeted Thursday that if she were the Attorney General and Shirvell worked for her, he already would have been fired.

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  1. Charles Combs says:

    This is an ADA who supposedly took an oath of equal representation and protection under the law and exhibits this kind of bias and prejudice. If your innocent and have any unusual tastes this guy would probably prosecute you anyway.

  2. Laura C. says:

    My father worked for the federal government for more than 30 years. He was not allowed to have a candidate sign on his lawn, also preventing my mother (who has always worked in the private sector} that right.
    I worked for a city government for more than 11 years in a part time, at will job. I always had to be careful about what I could and could not say about many things.
    Mr. Shervill has more rights that we do, why? Because of the Juris Doctor after his name?

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