calvinpodphoto Valenti And Foster With Calvin Johnson

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  1. Will says:

    Great questions mikey. You can tell he really agreed and wanted to answer but just didn’t want to say anything negative. good for him.

  2. Brad Bosart says:


    You guys have a GREAT show and I try and listen every day. Appreciated the Calvin interview….this questions need to be asked. Don’t change a thing about your approach.

    Mike….I got to say you crack me up on a daily basis but you mix in hard hitting pieces like this interview to give the show credibility. From a guy who played at the college level…there is no doubt in my mind you guys have great knowledge of the game…and not just football.

    You guys are real pros! Keep up the good work.

  3. steve says:

    i have alot of respect for calvin as a player and the way that he conducts himself. he should be the most dominating receiver in the nfl. should be! the manner that calvin conducted himself on your radio show today is how everyone wants a player, especially a receiver, to conduct themselves. people want to complain about how calvin handled himself and how he should demand the ball like moss/t.o./etc, those same people will bitch about the moss’, t.o.’s, etc.

    i would like calvin to finish his career as a lion. but if anyone on this planet thinks that he will sign a contract extension when it comes time, they are insane. the first chance calvin gets to leave detroit, he will take it. we have hindered his career due to the constant mismanagement of his skills. if we get inside the 30, there should be a fade 1 out of 4 plays. it’s a safe play. either it’s a td, out of bounds, or incomplete. very rarely would it end in a turnover and don’t give me the shaun hill playbook b.s. i was at the philly game and watched calvin get 1 on 1 coverage several times. take a shot!

    in closing, if detroit will not utilize calvin the way how we should, they should trade him. give him a chance to be the receiver he can and get some defensive players/picks for him.

  4. gerald abanid says:

    Good interview mike. This is why we will loose him at the end of his contract. He should be used consistently like andre johnson so his confidence can grow and influence the other player’s on offence. Scott lynahm is useless and should be fired.

  5. Joe says:


    Ya gotta loosen the guy up a bit more. He was too intimidated by you to answer off the cuff…

    1. Jaime in Waterford says:

      Joe — I guarantee you that there wasn’t anything that Mike or Terry could have said/asked that would have loosened up Calvin.

  6. Jaime in Waterford says:

    Calvin said all the right things in the interview, but you could tell that in private, he’s asking the same questions, e.g., did Jerry Rice amass his numbers by beating only single coverage?

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