A Warren woman is facing criminal charges after she told her 12-year-old son he had terminal leukemia, shaved his head and eyebrows, and held a church fundraiser that pulled in more than $8,000 from sympathizers.

Investigators say Carol Lynn Schnuphase shaved he son’s eyebrows and head —  and then accepted thousands of dollars during fundraisers to supposedly help with medical bills.

Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin tells WWJ the boy believed he was very sick, and is now coping with the truth.

“He has been removed from this mother’s care so, obviously, he’s under quite a bit of trauma. I understand that he’s doing well. He is in foster care, and they are getting him help to deal with what occurred,”  Berlin said.

Authorities said Schnuphase drugged the boy’s applesauce with opiates to make him appear lethargic.

The Macomb County prosecutor’s office says the 47-year-old Schnuphase has been charged with two counts of false pretenses over $1,000 and one count of second-degree child abuse.

If convicted she could face five years in jail. Schnuphase is expected to be arraigned Friday in Roseville, where she formerly lived.

A telephone listing for Schnuphase was disconnected.

© MMX WWJ Radio, All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to his report.

  1. jenj says:

    This is INSANE! Cannot believe that a mother could ever do something like this. Why not fake her own sickness if she was going to con people out of their money? I just couldn’t imagine doing something like this to my child and lying about something that COULD really happen. SAD and she deserves everything that comes to her, in the form of punishment. Poor boy :(

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