No Leads In Case Of Missing Bank CEO

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A Mt. Clemens banker is still missing after more than a week. Tips continue to come into the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, but nothing of merit.  

That’s according to Sheriff Mark Hackel, who tells WWJ the latest bit about a legal suit where David Widlak bilked a Windsor woman out of thousands of dollars has already been investigated — and hasn’t shed any light on the man’s whereabouts.  

“I think sometimes those kind of reports are very damaging. That’s an investigative reporter that Kind of, I guess, brought that up and brought it up in a different way that I think it probably should have been brought up… the reality is, that’s information we already had,” Hackle said.  

Meantime, Sheriff Hackel said that Widlak’s family is being cooperative — but he said it’s difficult to face them without any leads.  

Widlak was working at Community Central Bank on September 19th, where he met with a business associate. He then apparently went to the nearby Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and hasn’t been seen since.   

Widlak has been replaced as president and CEO by former bank CFO Ray Colonius.   

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