The Detroit Free Press marathon is just a couple weeks away, and runners may want to consider something new as they prepare for the 26.2 mile run.

Some experts suggest drinking beetroot juice as a way to boost endurance.

Experts say adding beetroot juice to your diet could give a performance boost beyond blood, sweat, tears and more training.

In two studies at Exeter University in London, 15 male cyclists were given either a half-liter of beetroot juice or blackcurrant juice – the placebo – several hours before setting out on a cycling trip.

Researchers say the cyclists who drank the beetroot juice were able to ride up to 20 percent longer than those who drank the other juice.

Researcher Stephen Bailey and his colleagues believe that because of the beetroot’s high nitrate content the cyclists needed less oxygen then normal. Other nitrate-rich foods are lettuce and spinach.

A company that makes beetroot juice supplied the product for free to researchers, but the University paid for the study.

The Free Press marathon is October 17th.

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