shirvell andrew Hearing Delayed In Asst. AG Harassment Case

Andrew Shirvell (Video capture)

There’s been a delay in the scheduled hearing for a personal protection order against an assistant state attorney general.  University of Michigan Student Body President Christopher Armstrong has asked for an adjournment in his request for a restraining order against Andrew Shirvell.

According to theWashtenaw County Court Administrator’s Office, no reason has to be given when requesting an adjournment. And, as far as the Office knows, no reason was given.

The 21-year old Armstrong is seeking the restraining order against30-year old Shirvell, who he says has been showing up at places where Armstrong is and publicly accusing him of pushing a radical homosexual agenda.

David Jesse, a columnist with Ann, said Armstrong wants to have Shirvell banned from being anywhere near him. The case will be heard at 1:30 p.m. Monday in front of a Washtenaw County judge.

Jesse told WWJ Newsradio 950 that Armstrong “alleges in his filings that Shirvell has been showing up at his house.” Jesse goes on to say that “We know he’s been showing up at student assembly meetings, shouting and protesting and picketing. Shirvell says he has First Amendment rights, free speech, and can do this.”

Shirvell is a University of Michigan alumnus, but his behavior has gotten him banned from the Ann Arbor campus.

Shirvell, who also maintains a blog about Armstrong, has taken a leave of absence from this post as assistant AG.

State Attorney General Mike Cox refused to fire Shirvell, citing First Amendment rights. Cox has since said that Shirvell will face a disciplinary hearing when he returns from leave.

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