crime tape arrest Melvindale Students Facing Sexual Assault ChargesTwo Melvindale High school students are being held in the alleged sexual assault of a freshman girl after Homecoming Saturday.

The two boys, 17 and 16 years of age, were taken in over the weekend after the assault allegedly took place at the Comfort Inn on Dix-Toledo Road. Police say there were parties in some of the rooms of the hotel.

Two other men, not students at the high school, are also being sought in connection to the assault. Authorities are also looking at charges against adults who may have supplied alcohol to the kids and booked the rooms.

The older student is being charged as an adult, while the other is being held at a juvenile facility.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey spoke with students on their way to school; the students say they heard no talk Monday about what happened over the weekend, and they did not learn about the assault until only recently. “Like…it’s a good way to ruin your life.”  One high school student commented. They say they can’t believe someone from their school would be involved, which they say is giving their school bad publicity.

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  1. Michele Soulliere says:


  2. A Student says:

    That’s really sad. But I think the girl should also be charged for under age drinking. If she wasn’t assaulted and the police showed up she would be in juvy right now, instead of getting all this sympathy. It is sad that she got assaulted but it probably wouldn’t of happened if she wasn’t drinking.

    1. Person says:

      It doesn’t matter if she had one drink or five drinks or zero drinks. Its NEVER “ok” to assault her. Whats sad about this situation is the fact that people are looking over the fact she was raped and merely looking at the fact she was under age drinking. EVERYONE at that party was underage these are high school students.


    everyone has very good point. but wheres this lil girls parents? why didn’t here parents no where she was at the age of 14? the parents are at fault of all this cause the need to know what their kids are doing at all times. we all need to pull together and raise these kids these kids are our future. so parents please get these lil hot n ready kids!!!!!!!!!!

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