Want to show your love for the state of Michigan? Now you can with a sweatshirt and other items being rolled out by Travel Michigan, part of the Pure Michigan campaign.

George Zimmerman, Vice President of Travel Michigan, says all the merchandise will be made right here in the United States.

“That was an essential for us. And frankly that makes it a little tougher in some ways because there are some product categories where it’s difficult to find a supplier in the U.S. for certain products. But with that being said, we’ve done pretty well and got a pretty good line to start with of merchandise,” said Zimmerman.

So what made them come up with this new line?

“The main reason we’re doing this is not for revenue but really to promote the brand and expand the reach of the Pure Michigan brand. It’s been enormously popular. And we just think that having merchandise, everything from coffee mugs to license plate holders, branded Pure Michigan, it’ll just make the Pure Michigan brand extend that much farther,” said Zimmerman.

Some of the money from the merchandise sales will help support the Pure Michigan ad campaign. For more information, click here.


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