Medical Marijuana Convention Called Off

marijuana medical1 Medical Marijuana Convention Called OffA Halloween pot convention planned for the Pontiac Silverdome has gone up in smoke.

Promoters of the 3-day event at the end of this month called it off after city leaders got wind of the details.

What got the attention of police was the advertising flyer showing a jack-o-lantern smoking a reefer and a beanstalk-size pot plant growing through the Silverdome roof. That, and 400-plus vaporization tents had local officials on edge that this was going to be more than just a discussion of medical marijuana.

silverdome Medical Marijuana Convention Called Off

Pontiac Mayor Leon Jukowski said it was somewhat disrespectful to hold it in a town that has its fair share of drug problems.

Promoters had predicted as many as 50,000 attendees for the 3-day cannabis convention.

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  • Marty

    Bummer man!!! Now I’ll have to make other plans for that weekend. Maybe I’ll like go down to the local, legal, neighborhood bar and get loaded. Yea, that’s much better than a marijuana event, because a bar is legal. After all, liquor doesn’t make you drunk or high does it???? If it does, what is the difference between it and marijuana, other than elected officials making it illegal for individuals to partake of pot????? Think about it people!!!!!

  • tyefox

    Marty, the difference is that liquor leads to pickled liver, violent behavior, and vehicular homicide.

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