sunchips1 Noisy Bags, Jobs, Dare Devils, Fish OilThey may be the noisiest snack bags ever, and now they’re being dropped.
The makers of Sun Chips have decided to dump the super loud biodegradable bags after getting a slew of complaints from consumers.
The noisy bags are made from plants and not plastic.
There were even Facebook sites devoted to hating the bags.
One site was named “I wanted Sunchips but my roommate was sleeping.”

Frito lay says it will keep the recyclable bags for the ORIGINAL plain flavor, but the other flavors will have traditional chip bags.


kohls1 Noisy Bags, Jobs, Dare Devils, Fish OilLooking for work?
Kohl’s Corp. is increasing its holiday hiring this season by 21 percent
The department store chain says it expects to hire more than 40,000 people this season,
It plans to hire an average of 35 employees per store at 1,089 stores.
Kohl’s also expects to hire 2,200 people at distribution centers and 60 people at credit operations.
The company says seasonal workers can work from a few hours to more than 20 per week.
Jobs will be filled by mid-November.

parachuter Noisy Bags, Jobs, Dare Devils, Fish OilAre you one of those people with a thirst for excitement?
Do you have a chronic urge to do something daring or even dangerous?
Maybe you were just born that way.
A new study out of the University of Minnesota says sensation-seeking behavior is often tied to a chemical in the brain. The scientists say they have found a group of genetic mutations that can predict whether someone is a dare-devil.
They say it’s not all bad.
While some sensation-seekers end up as drug addicts, others become army rangers or artists.


george washington booze Noisy Bags, Jobs, Dare Devils, Fish OilSoon, you’ll be able to drink like George Washington.
Experts are trying to recreate Washington’s peach brandy, at his Mount Vernon estate, in northern Virginia.
The first batch should be distilled and ready for aging this week.
It’s hoped that about 60 gallons of peach brandy will be produced.
The father of our country was a major booze producer. Records show Washington’s distillery turned out 11,000 gallons of whiskey in 1799 alone.


fish oil Noisy Bags, Jobs, Dare Devils, Fish OilFish oil. Many experts have told us those supplements may help our hearts and our joints.
But a new study at Michigan State University has found a connection between about fish oil and cancer.
The study published this month in the journal Cancer Research says fish oil induced severe colitis and late stage colon cancer in mice.
Jennifer Fenton who led the research says she supports establishing a dose limit for DHA one of the omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil.



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