A Hazmat situation slowed traffic during Wednesday’s afternoon commute. The problem was reported in Southfield — in the area of Greenfield and Southfield at 13 Mile Road.  Residents report a strong gas odor in the area.  People who work nearby say a gas truck was filling tanks at a Citgo station when the spill happened.  Fire crews flushed out the sewer.  No injuries were reported. 

Kerry Robinson, who lives nearby, said she was told it’s a gas leak. Speaking to WWJ, she described the scene.

“They’ve got Hazmat, they’ve got fire department, they’ve got police, they’ve got the road blocked off. At first they weren’t sure what type of gas was in the sewers. They came up with gasoline,” she said.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne spoke with a worker at a car wash near that intersection who said tanker truck was putting gasoline into a tank at the Citco station when the tank apparently overflowed. That overflow went into the sewer system.

Fire crews spent time flushing out the sewers. There were no reports of injuries, and no evacuations.

Stay with WWJ for live and local updates.

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