hestor major e1286474579396 Man Postpones Pacemaker Until After UM MSU

(AP Photo/The Detroit News, Robin Buckson )

A 69-year-old Detroit resident who suffers from a weakened heart has called an audible and told doctors to postpone plans to install a pacemaker – until after this week’s Michigan-Michigan State football rivalry game.

Major Hester deferred Thursday’s procedure because he just can’t risk something going wrong on the operating table that would prevent him from seeing the game on TV.

“They’re gonna put a pacemaker in, but I delayed it because I wanna watch the game. The guy said, ‘Are you sure?’ I said ‘I’m sure,'” Hester said.  “I was just so dramatic about it he just said okay. If I have any problems, what they say, call 9-1-1,” Hester said.

“Some things in life you have to make sacrifice for. I don’t care if it’s sports or watching your wife having a baby or whatever. Certain things are most important, and that’s important to me — football is. I love it,” he said.

According to the Detroit News, previous rants by the retired office supply clerk and devout Spartan fan include smacking coffee tables, screaming at coaches and cursing referees. He’s even been banished to his bedroom, and forced to watch games alone.

Hester admits he’ll need to be very careful watching the game on Saturday.

“I act like I’m one of the football players. I mean, I’ll be jumping around. Actually, I get too excited and out of breath, and I shouldn’t,” Hester said.

The 17th-ranked Spartans face 18th-ranked Michigan in Ann Arbor on Saturday.

Hester’s surgery is scheduled for next week.

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