Valenti And Foster – Does Anyone Know What To Expect From Michigan vs. Michigan State?

greg jones Valenti And Foster   Does Anyone Know What To Expect From Michigan vs. Michigan State?

Mike says both teams are scared. Are you? Click More to listen and comment…

  • jason

    Michigan’s QB is going to run all over Michigan State!

    • MS

      How did that work out for you?

  • Jeff

    I think the reason there are so many more U of M fans that aren’t associated with the school is that historically they have been the better team most years (excuse my ignorance it this is false). This probably causes a “fair-weather fan” type syndrome. It’s just easier to root for the “better” team for those with no affiliation I would think.

  • Brian Harris

    Rich Rodriguez and that Michigan Defense just keep holding this Wolverines down. Alot of improvement still needs to be made, the right side of the Michigan defense is so squishy. The Spartan’s were steaming through them like a train, consistently. Take that spread offense out of town and get back to real Michigan football…SMASHMOUTH!!!

  • Shawn

    I’m not a Michigan or State fan but neither program has nothing
    when it comes to winning big games. All State did was beat a bad Michigan team. Everybody new that Michigans Defence was horrible. So what is all the hype about. State is good aginst bad teams. Michigan is just a little worst than State wont win the big gams so two bad teams playing dont mean nothing. Right now State is the better team but they were the worst team for how long, years. It’s like me with the Lions a couple wins make me think they are the best thing going.

  • One Two

    Michigan State is still acting like the little brother…instead of celebrating the victory Mike talks about Michigan this and Michigan that, haven’t heard anything about Michigan State!!! What a Joke!!!

    • Zeeman87

      “Four-Peat” baby! Four-Peat!

  • Dave

    Mike- Congratulations on your team (MSU) winning three state games against Uof M is clearly a changing of the guard. I do have a question/comment about MSU’s football schedule. Two straight years of not playing Ohio State and given Dantonio’s Ohio State ties with Tressel and the school, do you think he had something do with that fact. Also, I believe MSU could run the table and remain undefeated and play a BCS bowl game and win, and that would truly be a special season. But, I think if that happens and Ohio State runs the table and wins a national championship, some spartan fans may asking it could have been us. Dantonio’s friendly relationship of his mentor could cost him the ultimate prize?

    • Devon

      The conference makes the Big Ten schedule. Every school misses 2 big ten schools each year (with the exception of your 2 tie-in schools). You miss them for 2 straight years and it rotates again after 2 years. All this changes now with the addition of Nebraska though.

  • Blake

    Please tell me there will be a podcast of Mike’s destruction of the U of M football program from today! That was incredible!

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