Gov. Jennifer Granholm has vetoed a large part of the public education spending bill, saying it could cost the state $316 million in federal funds.

The governor announced the veto Tuesday. She encouraged lawmakers to correct the legislation, which includes money for K-12 and intermediate school districts.

She cites a letter from the U.S. Department of Education saying the way lawmakers wrote the bill could cause Michigan to forfeit the $316 million.

School districts were to receive a one-time payment of $154 per student to replace the amount cut in the last academic year. Each district also was to get $23 to $46 more per pupil.

The governor signed the higher education spending bill. It cuts operations funding at each of the 15 state universities by 2.8 percent.
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  1. Ricahrdo Brown. A.A. A.S. says:

    I think that after the firing of the line of Detroit Public School Superintindents and the hiring of Mr. Robert Bob, the Team Granholm campaign will be noted down in Michigan’s history as the campaign behind Governor Jennifer Granholm; ”The Honorable Woman who Closed the Detroit Public Schools’.
    To me this is how the the most honorable person in most powerful seat in Michigan is priviledged.

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