drinks cbs Granholm Vetoes Bill Expanding Sunday Liquor SalesThere won’t be any Sunday morning liquor sales in Michigan just yet. Governor Jennifer Granholm has vetoed legislation that would have allowed early morning sales on Sundays and holidays.

Granholm said in a statement that she “wholeheartedly supports” allowing Sunday alcohol sales to start at 7 a.m., rather than being banned from 2 a.m. to noon. She also favors expands options for wine and beer-tasting functions.

 However, the Granholm said other parts of the legislation would hurt some other Michigan businesses. Specifically, the Governor said the law would allow an unlimited number of restaurants and other food establishments to sell and deliver alcohol at off-premises locations hurting other small businesses.

The governor also said someone could file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law and she said the legislation would allow for free samples of wine totaling up to nine ounces. The governor thinks that’s too much.

The governor called on the Legislature to revise the law.

The veto leaves a hole in the budget since the state was counting on extra money from a special license sellers would need to buy for the extended liquor sales.

 (Copyright 2010 WWJ Radio.  All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

  1. Richardo Brown, A.A. A.S. says:

    The Liquor stores will have all the local peoples pocket change if she had passed the bill. The Arab American community controls all the boozes and lottery in Detroit, whereas the African American voters doesn’t have a sore, however vacant lots for summer vegetable plants, and soup kitchens, Rescue Missions and Capuchin Centers where there is no small business profits. Detroit African Americans are just getting to understand the Michigan Marijuana Laws and even then there is no opportunity for profit in medical drugs, liquor or lottery sales.

  2. bill says:


    once again, i am “blown away”.

  3. urmisinformed says:

    I need to correct you about your facts.

    First, The Arab American community does not control the Liquor Stores, The Chaldean Americans do.

    Try calling a Chaldean an Arab and they will correct you that they are not Arabs.

    Second, most of all the Liquor Stores were avaliable to anyone that wanted to take a chance to operate them. The big box stores pulled out of Detroit and that left a vacuum. The Liquor Store (Chaldeans) owners took an ecomomical depressed area and made it into a tax entity viable business. And Lastly, The Arabs control the gas business.

    I hope that helps your adjust your rational.

    1. Ricahrdo brown. A.A. A.S. says:

      A radio report that a couple was caught in an illegal ;ottery ring (numbers rackett) that involved a Coney Island, a few small businesses, and residences. The money confiscated was around $350,000 that is , the profits where a $0.05 could get you $250-$300. In the house were the Michigan lottery winning numbers for the number man to have when he pays his customers. Who controls Coney Island , the Greek Americans or the Turkish American. Why would not the number man get a job from the Chaldeans, typinig numbers in their liquor store’s lottery machines for a pocket cash on hand money? Could the African Americans get hired from the Chaldeans?

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