In three weeks, Michigan voters will elect a new governor. Between now and then, voters will continue to be bombarded with political advertisements.

Rick Haglund, a veteran business journalist is a member of the “Michigan Truth Squad” which separates truth from fiction in the political ads.

Haglund says the Truth Squad has cried “foul” on democrat Virg Bernero’s camp for an ad accusing republican Rick Snyder of outsourcing jobs at Gateway, and a Bernero ad accusing Snyder of sending jobs to China as “misleading”. 

“[Snyder] was a member of the board of directors, but he was not actively involved in management decisions,” Haglund said.

But the specious ads don’t end with the democrats.

Haglund says the Snyder camp’s ad accusing Bernero of being a wasteful “Tax and spender” is also misleading. 

“We found that to be pretty inaccurate. Lansing, actually, has been doing fairly well compared to some of the older industrial cities in this state while Bernero has been mayor,” Haglund said.

Haglund, a veteran business journalist, said there’s a troubling aspect to quite a few of these political spots.

“So many of the ads are being run by the parties as opposed to the candidates themselves.  And, in the primary, we saw a lot of ads run by these anonymous issue groups. You have no idea who these people really are or where their money is coming from,” he said.

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  1. Richardo Brown, A.A. A.S. says:

    The truth of lecture and lesson that overtime has awarded Rick Synder acheivement in gateway and starting a business in China is what businessmen and suscribers of Fortune, Money, Inc, and Forbes magazine have often learned to invest in the overseas and abroad businesses and futures because of the people who are willing to work. which the people in cities like Detroit are not willing to do.
    Detroit now compose the Democratic gay population and gender movement , that is, which moved out the three B(s) Booze, Broads and Bribes straight out of the Detroit political scene.
    in Fact here is my prediction to a Republican strategy which will move a long term US Senator to help defeat the second term of the Obama Administration.

    The Letter:
    I have the perfect intent to stratify the Republican retaliation to the Michigan ruling political regime.
    In 2011 the republicans should explore to have a Grand Old Party leader, (i.e. L.Brooks Patterson, Former John Engler, Prosecutor Mike Cox, etc) run for the 2012 U.S. senate seat held by U.S. Senator Carl Levin. Since the 1980(s) the Democrats have held both Michigan U.S. Senate seats. US senator Carl Levin is the key to the Obama / Biden Presidency 2012 for a second term in office. In other words defeat Senator Levin and the rest will buckle down.
    It will be the first time that a republican has served in the US Senate this century since over the past two decades of the last century. Michigan needs to have one, that is however, because Detroit is now the third world devastated, abandoned, shanty ghost town, jungle land that once when it was the 5th largest city in the United States, that has brought Senator Levin to be power armed services ruler in Michigan. This would make the republican battle for US Senate easier to achieve.

    1. Richardo Brown, A.A. A.S. says:

      Here is a reply from a Human Resource Department that I applied to for Geoscience/Gold Drilling (mining), so I know what the chances are for being a millionaire with a job in another country Asia and Canada.

      Hello Richardo,
      Thank you for your interest in East Asia Minerals Corporation.
      As per your request I have added your email address to the East Asia
      Minerals press release distribution list.
      All of East Asia Minerals’ information, including Annual Reports, project
      info and financial statements can be found on our web site at
      Please let me know if you have any additional questions about EAS and I will
      be happy to answer them for you.


      Nick Kohlmann
      Corporate Communications
      East Asia Minerals Corporation

      1. Ricahrdo Brown. A.A. A.S. says:

        I think the Synder / Calley will score a victorious win, and I believe that the salary of the governor is the in front salary of real money for a trained candidate with college political activist on his right hand who sovereigns the statee, that is, however, than the contrasting spending money of a governor who sovereign his own people of the state with dominance and expenditures.
        Note that the Democratic Governor who the Bernero Regime want to suceed is taking a business to Frqance and Sweden??? to import jobs to Michigan… the exact opposite of my candidate Rick Synder’s China business, exporting jobe to China. what’s better Import or Export in Michigan?

  2. G B says:


    Is the MICHIGANTRUTHSQUAD.COM have any kind of affiliation to RTL (Right To Life organizations) for example ????


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